Policy Paper 2: The Value of Being First -San Francisco Workshop summed up in Proceedings Paper


Dallas Burtraw, Daniel F. Morris, Lars Zetterberg


California and Sweden are in a small group of front runner countries and states on issues of climate policy. In May 2013, Resources for the Future External link, opens in new window., the Mistra Indigo program, and the ClimateWorks Foundation External link. held a special conference to deconstruct the experiences of California and Sweden in forging new ground toward climate change mitigation and climate policy decisions. At the workshop, leaders from the public, private, and research communities as well as from nongovernmental organizations addressed pathways for climate progress in the current political landscape, issues of industry and state competitiveness, and opportunities for climate gains through action in the transportation arena.

Read the full summary of workshop proceedings here External link. and complete speaker bios here External link..



Updated: 2015-03-11

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