Start of the Mistra Indigo research program 

Over the next four years, researchers from Swedish Environmental Research Institute, the University of Gothenburg and Resources for the Future, Washington DC will conduct research regarding how climate policy instruments should, on an international level, be developed.

It is the Mistra research foundation that is investing 25 million SEK in the program and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute will serve as the program host.

- We are very honored by the confidence we received from Mistra and happy that we can continue with the political climate research, even after the end of the Clipore program External link, opens in new window., says program director Peringe Grennfelt. We see that this is an area that will only grow in importance, and the need for well-founded research is significant.

The program is divided into four deeply integrated work packages, which will all in different ways highlight industry's role in the climate change initiatives.

 - As a program we will assume the so-called "bottom-up approach", which means that we will look at the work that is being done outside the climate change negotiations, particularly the role industry will play. We hope that we after four years will be able to say that the program had a real impact on the international climate efforts, concludes Grennfelt.

For more information, contact Peringe Grennfelt +46-31-725 62 34

Updated: 2012-03-26

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