Presentations from the Special technical ECP meeting - Linking of Emissions Trading Systems

On the 19th of October Mistra Indigo and CEPS invited a selected number of people to a special technical meeting in Brussels, with the purpose of having an in depth discussion regarding the linking of emission trading systems.

The meeting was attended by close to twenty people, with a particular interest in the current linking issues and chaired by Simone Ruiz from the International Emissions Trading Association.

You can view the presentations from the meeting here:

"California dreaming? Linking the Emissions Trading Systems in EU and California Pdf, 1.4 MB, opens in new window.", by Lars Zetterberg, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

"Linking by degrees: Prelude to broader implementation of carbon pricing Pdf, 368.9 kB, opens in new window.", by Dallas Burtraw, Senior Research Fellow, Resources for the Future (RFF)

Updated: 2012-10-23

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