Intensive year for Susanna Roth as Mistra Fellow in Brussels

Climate scientist and economist Susanna Roth worked during a year at the think tank CEPS in Brussels. Back home, her new experiences with regards to climate and energy policy will be well used within the Mistra Indigo program.

Susanna Roth is employed at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and is one of the researchers within Mistra Indigo. In the spring of 2013 she was appointed as a Mistra Fellow and given the opportunity to go to Brussels as a visiting scholar and spend a year at CEPS, one of the most prestigious think tanks in EU.

- It was very intense, but a lot of fun. I had colleagues from all over Europe and the rest of the world, says Susanna Roth.

The independent research organization CEPS studies the development within several areas within EU policies, and works primarily policy oriented. Susanna Roth worked during her year with climate and energy issues, in particular the future of the EU ETS. The CEPS placement in Brussels presented a unique proximity and access to key decision makers, both on a national level as well as on EU level.

- It is a great advantage to be on location, close to both the EU Parliament and the Commission. One is given the opportunity to up close take part of the most current political developments.

During her year with CEPS Susanna Roth not only increased her own skills and learned more about how the EU works as well as the climate policy of the entire union. She also brings back new thoughts and ideas that will be used in the Mistra Indigo program. Among other things she is, on behalf of CEPS, investigating the opportunities for the EU to minimize carbon leakage, i.e. the risk that an ambitious climate policy within the EU will lead to companies moving their emission activities to other, unregulated, parts of the world.

- There are ways to deal with carbon leakage today, but it is unclear what will happen after 2020 and I would like to continue to study the issue, now within the Mistra Indigo program.

Susanna Roth has been first out as a Mistra Fellow. The venture is a new form of financing that allows participants in Mistra programs to work for one year as a visiting scholar abroad. The international experience will be a benefit for both the individual researcher and all Mistra research, says Thomas Nilsson at Mistra.

- We see Mistra Fellow as a complement to our research programs. It promotes Mistra research to have researchers attend and engage in policy issues where the decisions are actually made, for example in Brussels or Washington.

Susanna Roth's stay in Brussels was fully financed by Mistra and funds were in addition to Mistra Indigo's regular budget. Mistra is now willing to financially support visiting scholars in other Mistra research programs as well.

- Our intention and hope is that we will have more Mistra Fellows in the future, but presently none is scheduled yet, says Thomas Nilsson.

Translated from the Mistras newsletter External link. by Maria Kardborn.

Reporter Henrik Lundström, Vetenskapsjournalisterna

Updated: 2014-09-10

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