Experts in Washington to talk global emission trade

Mistra Indigo expert on linking of emission trade systems, Lars Zetterberg, presented a recent study at a high level seminar on US potential to strengthen relations with the EU, Australia and Canada through linking of carbon markets.

-The international community is failing to reach a binding climate treaty, instead we see carbon markets at a regional and national level taking shape. These markets can be linked together and create a global carbon market, from the bottom and up, says Lars Zetterberg.

In the light of this development emission trade experts from world wide met in Washington DC, April 10, to discuss the potential linking of California's newly launched emission trade system to the ones in EU, Canada and Australia. Australia is already planning to link with EU ETS in 2015, and initial talks with additional partners are underway.

-Linking carbon markets also have benefits for the industry, since market distortions are significantly reduced. Linking also sends an clear signal about international cooperation and long term climate policy, all important for investers. When two emission trade systems link together the prospect of them existing in ten years time is much higher, says Lars Zetterberg.

A video clip from the meeting can be found here. External link, opens in new window.

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Updated: 2013-04-12

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